Joseph and I

av “Rina”, offer for menneskehandel, Nepal

I am Rina (pseudo name). After reading the story of Jospeh, it reminded me of my own life.
Because he was sold by his brothers and he wasn’t aware. He suffered when he was a slave but God was in his side and helped him and he was lifted up in the sight of people and his family.

I was sold by my family members without my permission and I went through hell for four years. I thought I would die in that hell. But God had seen me in that hell. He brought some group of people to rescue me and my friends. I met someone who showed me a ray of hope. She was with me whole time from day of rescue till the day I returned to my country. She didn’t leave me here alone but helped me to reintegrate in the society. I am happy now and I have a good future.

But speaking of modern day slavery, we were exploited. There were no day and night for us, we had to attend clients whenever they asked us. We couldn’t say we are sick. We were threatened, beaten, kept hungry for days when we didn’t listen to them. We were locked up in a room. I felt like we were used for somebody else’s entertainment. It was purely a hell. It seemed like they had no value of our life and we also thought the same.

We were born poor and I thought that was the consequences for being born in that family. I wonder how someone can think of doing that and still continue doing that with others. I feel that those people who sell other people for the purpose of earning money are evil and the children of devil.

I hope that no one has to go through what Joseph and I went through because not everyone will have success story like us. There are many people who have been trapped in the trap of modern day slavery.